Core PHP Development

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2 Months
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Full Time
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Introduction to PHP

  • Evolution of Php
  • Installing php
  • PHP Syntax
  • Defining variable and constant
  • Echo / Print
  • Data Types
  • Strings
  • Operators and Expression

Handling Html Form With Php

  • Combine HTML and PHP code
  • Understanding Forms
  • Capturing Form Data
  • Redirecting a form after submission
  • A script to acquire user input
  • Dealing with Multi-value field
  • Using hidden fields
  • File upload and scripts

Decisions and loop

  • Making Decisions
  • Doing Repetitive task with looping
  • Mixing Decisions and looping with Html
  • If(), else if() and else if condition Statement
  • Using the ? operator
  • The switch statement
  • Using the while() Loop
  • The do while statement
  • Using the for() Loop
  • Breaking out of loops
  • Nesting loops

PHP Functions

  • What is a function
  • Define a function
  • Call by value and Call by reference
  • Recursive function

Library Function

  • String function
  • Math function
  • Array function


  • Creating and accessing String
  • Searching & Replacing String
  • Formatting String
  • String Related Library function


  • Anatomy of an Array
  • Creating index based and Associative array
  • Accessing array Element
  • Looping with Index based array
  • Looping with associative array using each() and foreach()
  • Some useful Library function

Working with file and Directories

  • Understanding file & directory
  • Opening and closing a file
  • Copying ,renaming and deleting a file
  • Working with directories
  • Building a text editor
  • File Uploading & Downloading


  • What is a Cookie?
  • Setting time in a cookie with PHP
  • Deleting a cookie
  • Creating session cookie
  • Working with the query string

Hands on Open Source

  • What is CMS ?
  • WordPress and its History and Usage
  • Overview of WordPress
  • Knowledge of Themes in WordPress


  • What is a session?
  • Starting a session
  • Registering Session variables
  • Working with session variables
  • Destroying session
  • Passing session Ids
  • Encoding and decoding session variables
  • How to increase session expire time
  • How to work sessions without cookies?

Database Connectivity with MySql

  • Introduction To Database
  • What is RDBMS technology?
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Connecting to the MYSQL
  • Selecting a database
  • Adding data to a table
  • Displaying returned data on Web pages
  • Finding the number of rows
  • Looping through database
  • Inserting data
  • Deleting data
  • Entering and updating data
  • Executing multiple queries
  • Understanding Primary and Foreign Keys

Advance PHP techniques

  • Introduction about FTP/SMTP server
  • File upload
  • File Download
  • E-mail with PHP
  • PHP configuration file
  • Error tracking and debugging

PHP-AJAX Communication

  • Check ID Availability using AJAX
  • AJAX handling HttpRequest and Response
  • Database Interaction using AJAX

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